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Five ways to save: don't get taken for a ride

Car expenses can really add up, quickly. Here are five ways to save when it comes to your ride.
5. Forget that every so many kilometres/miles thing You may be getting your oil changed too frequently. Only heavily used cars, such as taxis - and soccer moms - need one that often. Maybe think about pushing your appointment ahead a few months.
4. Do your homework Don't just get one quote, get at least two - and let the garage know you are shopping around - they may revise their numbers - what a surprise!
3. Fix windshield chips right away A small chip can lead to a bigger crack and even bigger bill.
2. Pass on the extra warranty This is where car dealership make the big dough. Standard warranties are usually pretty good - review yours before you consider paying more for something similar.
1. Review your insurance annually Monitor the value of your vehicle as it ages, and consider dropping collision coverage when the annual premium approaches the car's worth.


Cashwarren775 said...

I always wondered about the frequency of oil changes!

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