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Save at the grocery store: bring on the beans

This tip will help you to cut back on meat and get the equivalent in protein and heaps of returns in terms of health benefits. In any recipe calling for a pound of ground meat, try using just a little less. Those few dollars' worth of savings on every meal will quickly add up. No one needs as much meat as we eat on a daily basis anyway. If you feel that protein is lacking, add some garbanzo or black beans to supplement... or try a half meat / half beans ratio in your recipe. Way better for you and way better for the planet. Tightwad has been pretty inspired by Meatless Monday, which she recently discovered is becoming a global movement. Tighten your budget, your belt AND help climate change. Not too shabby!


Mrs.Mayhem said...

I must admit that my family eats beans about 3 times a week. As a vegetarian, I like them for the protein, but as the chief economic officer of my family, I like the price!!

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