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Tightwad timesaver: rethinking the bundt pan

Tired of hacking off corn kernels for virtuous salads only to find more on the floor than what will go on your plate? Here may be just the solution that can help: stick the end of the cob in the centre of a bundt pan and get slicing. The pan will catch all of the kernels and you won't have to spend any more time cleaning the floor! More corn, less cleanup, bigger salad!


Annie Jones said...

That's the best tip I've heard in a long time!

Leanne said...

Ok, that is brilliant!!! Corn season is upon us and I agree with the comment above - this IS the best tip I've heard in a long time, too!!! Thanks, Tightwad!!!!

Leanne said...

I just had to tell you - the hubby and I were making a roasted corn salad this afternoon. His job was to cut the corn off the cob. I immediately was reminded of this tip and pulled out the bundt pan, and it was FANTASTIC!!! Hubby was so impressed and I gave all the credit to YOU!!! SMART SMART LADY!!!!

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