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Tightwad timesaver: keeping it neat 'n' tidy

Got a linen closet that looks as though it's been through a tornado? Tightwad discovered that an easy way to ensure that she can find the flat sheet that goes with the fitted sheet that goes with the matching duvet cover etc. is to use the one of the matching pillow cases to hold the entire set of bedding. That way when you are searching for a certain set it will be all wrapped up like a little present just waiting for you (or your chore delegates of course - Tightwad likes this idea) in the linen closet.


Marissa said...

following you right back :) FUN TIPS and I consider myself a money saver, so hopefully you can help me save even more?!

vanita said...

Great Idea! Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

I like to have two sheet sets per bed: one on the bed and one folded up long and skinny and slipped between the mattress and box springs. Then the linen closet can't look messy, because the sheets aren't in there!

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