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Thrifty tip thursday: load lightening

Ever think that the shorts you wore today don't really need a wash just yet? Here are some ways to put off sudsing your duds if you don't have to - this will lighten your load, trim your water use and help extend the life of your clothes. There are exceptions to every rule, and this applies to the non-sweaters/non-strenuous job types out there - but non-white bras, shorts, tops, dresses and pjs could probably skip the daily wash. Dress pants, skirts and jeans can be worn four to five times before you throw them in the laundry pile. Some tips: put (nonsilk) fabrics with a 10 minute spin in the dryer with a dryer sheet to refresh them, and don't overdo it with deoderant, which can damage and stain your shirts. Do YOU have some thrifty tips? Get featured on Tightwad!


Amy Walker said...

This is great! I'm following you...apologize to the delay in getting back to you about the button swap. It's totally on my radar. I'm trying to figure out what to do about buttons right now. I only have 2 columns as of now (working on that) and have some events coming up so I'll be putting sponsor stuff on the sidebar. I really want to keep it somewhat simple. There are SO many blogs I love! I have them randomly on my sidebar and blog love page right now but am in the process of figuring out how to reorganize. I love your blog and will be grabbing your button once I figure it out!!

Jen said...

LOL My hubby and I were just discussing wether or not a bottle of fabreeze was worth it to stretch the time between laundry loads! If you get something on your clothes you can also just spot clean that area with a rag and some soap then let it air need to wash the whole thing....unless it's "walking by its self" as we say at our house!!!

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