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Random word tuesday: locavore

Proclaimed the 2007 word of the year by the New American Oxford Dictionary, the word locavore came into focus with a growing interest in food security and urban agriculture. It is part of the concept of local purchasing and supporting local economies, with a preference for buying locally produced goods and services. Part of the broader sustainability movement, the word locavore also gained ground with the 2007 publication of The 100 Mile Diet, by Vancouver based authors Alisa Smith (who, btw, Tightwad attended high school with so shameless name dropping here... I just had to) and JB MacKinnon. Try harvesting your own salt from the local beach, that's what they did, and that's being a locavore. Tightwad is ashamed to say that her coffee is from Ethiopia - but she's off to pour herself a cup.


LisaDay said...

Well you can only do so much. I hope you at least enjoy that cup.


Little House said...

Harvesting salt from the beach? Wow, that's a pretty impressive feat. I think I'd stick to the coffee. ;)

Unknown said...

I read a great book that included a profile about the woman that coined the term "locavore".
Farmer Jane

Can get coffee local in my area so go for Fair Trade instead :)

CherylT said...

Locavore has a ring to it of something being local, and that "vore" part makes me think of carnivore, omnivore, etc., like consuming something local. Overall, nice coinage. Wouldn't sweat not growing your own coffee.

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