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Quinoa: all the cool kids are doing it

Tightwad has been diggin' quinoa ever since she was at a friend's house several years ago and had a delicious mesclun green salad with chilled quinoa, which had been cooked like stovetop popcorn.
In Peru, quinoa has been revered for over 3,000 years. North Americans are just catching up to this little seed (it's apparently not a true grain), which packs high amounts of protein, calcium and iron, lysine and several of the B vitamins. If that info isn't convincing enough to make you try it, here's more: quinoa contains an almost perfect balance of all eight essential amino acids needed for tissue development in humans. That's right people: it's a perfect protein!
Quinoa is very versatile; it can be served hot (in soups and casseroles), or cold in salads. You can dry roast the seeds in the oven or pop them on your stovetop in a bit of olive oil.
Tightwad has rounded up a few intriguing quinoa recipes - they are mostly salads, but you can find quinoa flour at health food stores and bake lots of goodies, too.
Strawberry Pepper quinoa mango parsley salad
Jamie Oliver quinoa tabouli


Cookin' Canuck said...

We eat quinoa at least a couple of times each week. I love that it cooks up so quickly. Thanks so much for linking to my recipe.

Little House said...

One of my co-workers who is recovering from breast cancer swears by this stuff. She's eating really healthy now, no processed foods, and only high-protein items and whole wheat grains. she recently shared the nutritional benefits of quinoa with me a few weeks ago. I have yet to try it, but I hear it easily replaces oatmeal, which I like to eat for breakfast. These links to recipes will help me ease into it. (However, apparently I'm only able to purchase it at Trader Joe's or Costco.) Thanks for sharing!

Carrie said...

i've tried quinoa and i just can't get into it. it just reminds me too much of the millet i've feed to pet birds so all i can think while eating quinoa is "bird food"

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