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Hairspray: not just for hair

Hairspray is one thing that Tightwad doesn't use... on her hair. Here are five other ways to use it around the house besides in the bathroom:

Protect a drawing: Mist a kiddo's chalk drawing with hairspray and allow it to dry. It will act as a fixative and prevent smudging.

Zap pesky mosquitos: Unless you are particularly fond of mosquitos you may consider having a bottle of hairspray around to get them a quick zap. One blast will stiffen their wings and immobilize the little critters.

Slipping and sliding?: De-slick the soles of new shoes with a quick blast of hairspray. The tacky texture of the spray will prevent you slipping until your soles are scuffed with wear.

Stop static cling: A quick mist of hairspray will stop clothes from clinging.

That's a wrap: Spray down the Sunday comics to add sheen and seal in the ink, and make good reuse of the daily paper as a gift wrapping option.


Unknown said...

OOh great ideas!

Joey said...

I don't use it on my hair either. ech!

We don't buy the newspaper, but I'm going to get my hubby to start getting the Sunday paper so I can get the comics and spray away.

You, are as smart cookie!!

Anonymous said...

I've also heard that hairspray can be used to remove ink from clothing but I haven't tried it yet.

Christine said...

I am SO going to buy some for the mosquitoes...I live in Louisiana and we are here simply as their dinner. I had to share your advice and a link to you in a blog advice!

LisaDay said...

Is it bad that I get so much pleasure of misquito torture? I am going to try it for the pure pleasure of making those creatures suffer.


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