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Guest post: Elizabeth from foodie mommie

Tightwad is thrilled to present her first guest blogger! Elizabeth at Foodie Mommie has written this post, about making pizza at home that will suite everyone. Elizabeth blogs about healthy cooking from scratch, made from whole foods which saves you time and money. She is hosting a post from Tightwad today, too, which is frugal and kitchen-related. Welcome, Elizabeth!

Pizza is a favourite in the Porter home. We have pizza every Friday for dinner. As much as we love pizza, none of us really like the same kind of pizza. David likes pepperoni, Daniel likes cheese and veggies, and I like chicken and veggies. To resolve this issue, I turned regular old pizza night into 'make your own pizza bar.' I came up with this idea to appeal to everyone. It is really inexpensive and also a great way to entertain! The way it works is, I offer a variety of toppings, and each of us can personalize their pizza. The toppings I usually include are:

individual portions of pizza dough (I make my own dough in the bread machine, but you could use store bought dough), just make sure it does not contain any 'yucky no-no' ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oils. You may also be able to buy fresh dough from your local pizza parlour.

toppings such as:
- pepperoni, sausage, grilled chicken, smoked salmon,
- fresh basil, sliced tomatoes, fresh spinach, chopped sweet peppers, sliced scallions
- several different options for sauces: tomato, pesto and alfredo
- a variety of shredded cheese

Really there is no limit to what you could include, be imaginative and ask your family members what they would like to see included. Even the youngest members of your family can participate. An extra bonus to this is that kids are more likely to eat something they have made themselves, and it get them involved in the kitchen, spending time with you! I hope you will try this, and if you do please share your experiences with me at

Tightwad loves smoked salmon - yum! What a great idea. Stay tuned for other fun guest spots every Sunday. If you would like to write a guest post on Tightwad, please contact me at


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