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Got quince?

Looking part pear, part apple, part funny looking melon - this is a quince. What is it? What can you do with it? Aromatic and harvested in autumn, the quince is a versatile accompaniment to meals as a jelly, jam, chutney or ingredient in stews and main courses. Pairing quince with manchego cheese is a classic combo for wine tasting or if you just happen to be in Spain. This info has Tightwad fantasizing about bullfighters, Goya, flamenco, Gaudi, paella and robust reds.

Here are some quick and totally random facts about quince:
- Turkey ranks first in the world quince production, producing a 1/4 of the world's total output;
- an Ancient Greek bride nibbled quince to perfume her kiss before entering the bridal chamber;
- the quince tree is resistent to frost;
- its flesh turns red after a long cooking time;
- the jam is through to relieve intestinal discomfort;
- when a baby is born in Croatia, a quince tree is planted as a symbol of fertility, love and life;
- some historians believe that it was actually a quince that tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Tightwad has compiled a list of recipes for quince, if you happen have some hanging around. It may be fun to pick some up when they come in season and see what you can create.
Delicious Days quince membrillo
Lisa is Bossy quince tarte tatin
Len quince jelly
Food Mayhem ginger poached quince
Tartelette poached quince and pear frangipane tartelettes
Brooklyn Farmhouse manchego cheese, quince and walnut crostini
Cooking Books veal, quince and dried Persian lime stew


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Yum. I have never seen quince but if I go to a bigger grocery store, I will check it out.


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