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Five ways to save: sharing costs with friends

Tightwad realizes that there is economy in scale. Having said that, she has compiled some ideas that could help you (and your friends, of course) save some dough and have some fun at the same time.

5. Share babysitters: Besides sharing you a bundle, trading childcare with friends can also help your kiddos to make new friends and socialize.

4. Eat in: Instead of eating out, try throwing a fabulous at home tapas pot-luck party! These small Spanish dishes are easy to prepare and affordable alternatives to expensive restaurants. Add to the theme with some sangria and crank the Pepe Romero. Arriba!

3. Organize a clothing swap: Multi-task; downsize and get some new clothes in one fell swoop! If you make it an annual occasion it will encourage everyone to weed out their closets and lets everyone feel like they've had a full day of shopping without spending a dime.

2. Buy in bulk: Rather than buy the same items separately, buy favourite items in bulk and share the cost with your friends.

1. Share stock: Find a good price on great wines and buy by the case; many places will give a 10% discount for bulk purchases. If you share this idea with friends, you will have a nice little stash of different vinos at discount prices. Bottoms up!


Anonymous said...

I also buy a lot of my wine at Sam's. They actually have some decent wines and good prices.

alicia said...

Thanks for the tips!

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