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Five ways to save: everyday

You can save money everyday on little things that you may not realize can make a big change on your bottom line. Here are some examples:
5. Brew your own! Divest yourself of the little Starbucks habit (but, Tightwad figured out that if you simply must have an iced latte, there are ways around the $4.75 bill - ask for ice in a clear cup, with a shot of espresso, then take it to the self serve area and add a little milk. Good idea, right?)
4. Try to bring your own lunch. Everyone knows this - it's healthier and way cheaper. Maybe start a lunch club at work and do some sort of potluck or work out a way that you can do lunch trade with a friend.
3. If you pay $1.50 for a daily newspaper........ try getting your news online from an online aggregator such as, or
2. Reintroduce yourself to your library card and skip the video store. Your local library stocks lots of things to keep you entertained and informed - for free - or download podcasts from your fav radio shows.
1. Avoid the mall - if you don't see something you want then you won't start wanting it! But... Tightwad understands that these things do happen so if you fall for a terrific pair of heels, put them on hold and come back for them tomorrow after you've been home to see your chock full closet as a reminder that you simply don't need another pair of shoes.
What do you do to save money everyday? Tightwad would love to hear your tips!


Anne said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Great tips! We've recently discovered the library and it really is amazing what you can get for free. Now we go to the bookstore, take pictures of the books we want to read with our cell phones and then check them out in the library! :)

@yourlibrary said...

THANK YOU for mentioning the library. Major awesomeness afoot therein... books, videos, internet access, storytimes for kiddos, some have free (or cheap) movie nights, classes, brilliant ladies who know everything, and books (do I repeat myself?) with recipes and home improvement tips that will further your frugality. Libraries: who knew?

Anonymous said...

Another plus for libraries....MAGAZINES!!!!!I can't cough up $5 for a fashion or DIY magazine at the checkout when I know I can take it out for free at the library. You name the topic/hobby and they'll likely have it. Save on those throw away magazines, and reduce the waste in landfills.

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