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Cute lil' powerhouse: the brussels sprout

This cute little cabbage is a member of the cruciferous vegetable family, which means its GOOD FOR YOU; packed with vitamins A and C, folic acid, dietary fibre and something pretty exotic sounding, sinigrin. Don't recoil with visions of soggy bowls of steaming sprouts at your in-laws' Thanksgiving dinner. The Brussels sprout pairs really well with crispy bacon, pancetta, pinenuts and cranberries. Tightwad worked something of a miracle last Christmas with a little something she learnt from her sister-in-law:

What Tightwad's SIL does with sprouts (as sussed out by TW): Quarter the sprouts, parboil them, drain and put them in a roasting pan in the oven to finish them. Sautee some minced garlic, salt and pepper to taste in olive oil in a large skillet, with crispy pancetta and lightly toasted pinenuts. Add roasted sprouts, gently mix in sautee pan and voila! A brand new, 21st century version of Brussels sprouts that appeared to be a crowd pleaser.

Tightwad has rounded up a few recipes that may inspire you to rethink your feelings towards these little petit chous:

Goodlife Eats linguini with brussels sprouts, bacon and caramelized shallots Steamy Kitchen roasted brussels sprouts with cranberry pistachio pesto 52 Kitchen Adventures roasted brussels sprouts, caramelized onion and bacon in a strawberry balsamic reduction The Naked Beet brussels sprouts in a coriander dressing Savouring Time in the Kitchen seared scallops and brussels sprout hash with crispy bacon and caramelized shallots Christie's Corner brussels sprouts with brandy, orange zest and dried cranberries Imagelicious potato pancakes with brussels sprouts

3 comments: said...

brussel sprouts are a fave of mine, but they don't go over well with the rest of the fam... so I save them for special occasions... or just cook up a few when I'm home alone for lunch! thanks for stopping by my blog earlier - glad to have found you

Aunt Bee's Garden said...

Girlfriend- you must try this recipe!! I saw it on Foodnetwork's The Best Thing I Ever Ate and had to try it. I do them in the oven not deep fry. So unbelievable.

Simple Living Los Angeles said...

I put them in a roasting pan with sea salt, a lot of olive oil and pepper and roast until soft. They are wonderful, I can eat about 20 myself.

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