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Wondering what to do with fennel?

Fennel is not the least expensive veg you'll ever buy, but its crunchy texture and sweet anise flavour is worth every penny. It's also easy to grow so that's a good option if you have some room to spare in your veggie patch. Fennel yields both a herb and a spice. It's amazing chopped raw in salads and is considered one of the best herbs to pair with seafood dishes. With summer around the corner and thinking of nights spent eating delicious dinners outside, Tightwad has rounded up some fennel recipes:
Foodblogga fresh fig and fennel pizza
Delia Smith caramelized fennel in cider
Michael Smith fennel salad
Guilty Kitchen apple fennel slaw


Cheryl said...

Love fennel and yes easy to grow. Very under rated in my book.

emegren said...

I think it is underrated as well. We lived in Sicily and it grows everywhere. You'll often see people picking it on the side of the road!

Lexie said...

Nice blog! Thanks for the comment - if I had twins I am not sure I would find the time to run for an hour = ) It's amazing that you have time to do this great blog. Glad to have found this - I am sure I will check in often.

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