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Tightwad top ten: frugal exercise ideas to get beach ready

You don't have to join a gym or shell out for pilates sessions. Tightwad has compiled a list of budget friendly exercise ideas to get you moving and ready for the summer beach scene. File this under stuff Tightwad should do.

10. go for a hike
9. mow the lawn
8. break out the badminton set
7. toss a frisbee
6. vaccuum your house from top to bottom
5. run errands on your bike
4. find a free community yoga session
3. find a nice steep set of stairs to run up and down a few times a day
2. grab a hula hoop for a $1 at your local thrifty store
1. reintroduce yourself to your jump rope


CherylT said...

File this under stuff CherylT should do too. Thanks for the suggestions.

Hazel from Hazel Loves Design said...

Love all of these ideas!! Except maybe 'Mowing The Lawn' might pass on that one!! haha! :) Hazel

Emm said...

Excellent tips! I have learned to count housework as exercise lately as it can be quite strenuous and I add it on to the neat section in my Wii Fit. As long as i burn about the equivalent of an ice cream a day, I feel like I've achieved something. I've used our Wii Fit so much since we got it at Xmas that the investment has more than paid off. Cheaper than gym and I keep going at it too.

Emm said...

Hiya! Just so you know, I always select "subscribe by email" when i comment on your posts so if you reply here, it'll come straight through to my email inbox and we can continue the conversation!

Wii-Fit is actually the program itself. You don't work with exercise videos but it has a whole host of different exercises on it. It tracks how much time and energy you burn on it and it can even tell you if you are doing it right or wrong (to some extent).

My favorites are marching, skateboarding, step aerobics, boxing, kung foo and all of the balance games.

Suzanne said...

My favorite on this list is definitely the hula hoop! :)

I gave up my gym a while back and found I don't miss it a bit - there are so many free ways to stay in shape! And since I'm a big fan of both free exercise AND air conditioning, I'll share an online site I found with free full-length workout videos: It's pretty sweet for finding new routines to keep things fresh.

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