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Tightwad top ten: behold the paper bag

Tightwad finds that she recycles ALOT of paper bags without too much thought to how they can be repurposed. Here's a handy list of things you can do to extend the life and use of paper bags at your house. Have more ideas? Share 'em with us!
10. If in good condition, reuse them as bags for lunches or take them to the store next time.
9. Shred and keep for packing fragile stuff that you may want to send in the mail or to pad boxes when you are moving.
8. Use paper bags to store mushrooms - they stay fresh longer.
7. Get your creative on and make luminaria for your next party or celebration.
6. Shred unbleached paper bags into your compost for a carbon booster.
5. Ripen avocados, tomatoes, plums, bananas and peaches faster by sticking them in a paper bag.
4. Go old school! Cover your books with them like you did when you were in Grade one.
3. Use it as gift wrap. Create a gift tag. Go the extra step and embellish it.
2. Use for art projects like creating a little scrapbook, origami, fun puppets, paper mache or use for paper when the kiddos want something to draw on.
1. Make shipping envelopes. Check this out!


Dani @ said...

I used to love making puppets with paper bags when I was a little girl. Now, I never get paper bags :(

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

I LOVE paper bags! I'm always trying to come up with way to use them - thanks for this list :)

We actually used some last night. Cut them in half an put in a plastic 'boat' (like the kind at diner - for fries) and served corn on the cob to the kids!

Patti said...

As a former first grade teacher, we used to make indian vests and headdresses out of grocery bags. Simply cut up the center of one side, turn inside out, cut two arm holes and a neck hole. Then let the child fringe all around the bottom.

Anonymous said...

I always wrap things in them for shipping. I don't go so far as to make an envelope, I just wrap them like a present, and then use a magic marker to write the address right on the bag. (This worked great when I was swapping books over the internet.)

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