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Thrifty beauty secrets of the stars revealed!

Get red carpet ready with a trip to your local drug store. According to this site, Kylie Minogue uses Pond's Cold Cream for her glowing skin and has for years. Catherine Zeta Jones swears by castor oil to keep her locks shiny and cleans her teeth in a mashed up combo of strawberries and baking soda. Teri Hatcher pours red wine in her bath; the resveratrol in the grape skin makes her skin firm and improves elasticity (Tightwad wonders: hello... who has leftover red wine? Pouring it away seems very luxurious - this is surely just a pastime of the stars). Scarlett Johansson puckers up with Vaseline and Nicole Kidman uses basic baby oil to soften her skin. Why even shell out for the pre-made stuff? A quick trip to the grocery store will net you everything you need to create thrifty D.I.Y. beauty treatments. For some ideas, click here.


Anonymous said...

The Ponds cold cream really works. My great-grandmother used it for most of her life and when she passed away at 96, her skin was barely wrinkled and baby soft. I bought myself some not that long ago from Dollar General and I really loved it.

That strawberry-backing soda thing boggles my mind. I use plain baking soda, but the strawberries... I can't seem to get that.

Leah Beyer said...

I am with you on the red wine thing? Who has left over wine and who would waste it in bath water? Love these dirty little beauty secrets!

Anonymous said...

The baby oil really works but the wine thing...really? maybe it's not the good stuff.

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