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Thanks Mommycrat!

Last week Louise at Mommycrat presented Tightwad with this award, which really made my day. Tightwad loves all manner of badges 'n' bling, not to mention the fact that someone is actually reading this blog of mine, so thank you Mommycrat!

I believe that the standard procedure upon acknowledging this nomination is to a) pass along this award to five other recipients and b) list seven random things about me.

Choosing five blogs to nominate was pretty difficult, but here they are:

Rainy Day Saver for saving the paper towels;
Lizard & Ladybug whose daily crafty things always inspire;
Frugal Fashionista keeping those cool budget friendly fashion ideas coming;
Non-Consumer Advocate who is currently wrapping up a month on a food stamp challenge;
Thrift Core a cool blog about thrifting, art, crafts and gardening.

Seven random things about Tightwad:

1. I don't want to write seven things about me so that tells you that I am quite a private person.
2. I love food and could talk about recipes, farmer's markets, community gardens, restaurants, cookbooks, groceries, wine, food blogs, food pairing, chefs, cheese and anything remotely to do with food all the live long day.
3. Like Mommycrat, I am a Canadian political junkie.
4. Like Mommycrat, I would like to write a book.
5. Despite the fact that I haven't been able to do so for a few years, I love to camp, hike, be outdoors, kayak and sleep in a tent. Hubs, get ready - we're going!
6. With a strong recommendation from my sister I recently started watching the TV series Damages, with Glenn Close. I'm hooked.
7. Every year I drive by all of the blackberry bushes that line parks and streets and beside parking lots and state that I am going to pick a ton of blackberries and use them all summer in various things. I think is my year.


Cheapskate Sandy said...

You have a couple more readers lurking.

RainyDaySaver said...

Thanks for the nomination! =)

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