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Overeating: busting your grocery budget

Tightwad was over at The Non-Consumer Advocate, who is hosting a June Food Stamp Challenge. Katy has miraculously managed to spend just $170.41 to date, with a maximum budget of $404 budgeted for groceries for the month (the average amount an Oregonian receives in monthly food stamp benefits - $101 per person). Her post suggested that overeating is a form of food waste - and I couldn't agree more. Ever been at a party, leave totally stuffed, and not remember what you ate? Are you able to itemize everything you ate today? The best way to spend less on food is to eat less food. Big ah-ha moment for Tightwad. Katy linked to Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think, which takes a research based approach on how our food intake is influenced by external factors. The website is full of quizzes, toolboxes and a free Mindless Eating fridge magnet. Tightwad is off to sign up and add this to her summer book bag.


CherylT said...

Went to the website but didn't see any articles. Too bad because this is a topic I am interested in.

Contact: said...

Hi Cheryl, I just posted a note on your blog. You can go to 'free stuff' on the Mindless Eating site and sign up for a newsletter. Cheers, Tightwad

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