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Frugalicious weekly web crawl

It's Saturday so that means the weekly round up at Tightwad. Here are some good frugal goodies from the web.

Live Cheap 5 Cheap Projects to Improve Your Home's Value
Becoming Minimalist 7 Minimalist Lessons I've Learned From My Kids
Not Made of Money 50 Homemade Gift Ideas - From Around the Web
Moolanomy Is It Better to Buy or Rent?
Frugal Zeitgeist Realizing the Frugal Monster You Have Become!
$5 Dinners Summer Squash Quesadillas - Grow. Eat. Save.
Budgets Are Sexy Talking About Money Before Marriage (DO IT!)
The Grocery Cart Challenge 10 Ways to Reuse It: Old Bed Sheets


Homemaker Honey said...

Hi! I'm here from The Lady Bloggers Tea Party Social! Pleased to meet you. I've got a HELLO, HANDSOME blog party happening at my blog right now. I'd be tickled pink if you stopped by and joined in the fun.

Homemaker Honey

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by. This list is great. I'm glad I found you. I like these tea parties, don't you?

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