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Frugal fashion + beauty ideas

Here are some random beauty/fashion/common sensical frugal tips that Tightwad has compiled to navigate clothes storage, budgets and beauty school queries.

Polish your shoes before you go out to buy another pair
A quick whiz with the shoe polish and buffing brush will bring back the old, long forgotten lustre of a trusted pair of shoes. Try giving your shoes a good cleaning before you give them the boot.

Get yourself a key finder
Save yourself panicky moments and probably several minutes a day - get yourself a keyfinder gizmo and attaches to the inside of your purse and secures your keys in a safe, reliable and easily located place.

Lose an earring?
If you lost an earring, why not use the mate for that blouse that never seems to close at a certain spot or gaps at all the wrong areas? Kind of like a cufflink for your cleavage.

Knotted bling
Stash your necklaces in small ziplocs to avoid that oh so irritating pre-work scramble in your jewelry box.

Keeping it fresh
When you are storing clothes away for a season, stick a dryer sheet in with the mix... the next time you see them they will smell sweet and fresh.

Take a chop your budget
See if your area has a local beauty school. You could get a trim, highlights, mani and pedis for a fraction of the price and be helping a student obtain the necessary hours needed to graduate.

See old things in a new light
Vaseline seems old school, yet it is an indisposible beauty tool for those who swear by it; as a makeup remover, lip gloss, chapstick and soothing balm for your tootsies.


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