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Blogging communities: they're fun!

In the great, vast world of blogs exist tons of blogging communities, which are a great way to introduce yourself and meet other bloggers. In case it's not been noticed, Tightwad loves badge bling. It's like being in Brownies again except instead of a sash I've got a column dedicated to them in my blog. This list will never be finished, because Tightwad is always finding new and exciting blogging communities to join. The following list* ranges in scope from specifically blogging groups to mom and frugal communities. If you are part of an online blogging community that hasn't been listed, please send me a note so it can be included.
Lady Bloggers Society
Multiples and More Blog Network
Mom Bloggers Club
The Mommy Blogger Directory

Mom Blog Network
The Blog Guidebook
Blog Catalog
Best Green Blogs Directory
The Mom Blogs
* Please note that despite Tightwad's best efforts to assign each of these entries independent links, for some reason some of them are clustering. Many of them are also on my side bar.


Anonymous said...

Just stopping by from Lady Bloggers Society! Super wonderful blog!! :)

{ SO cute! }

- Meg

[Life of Meg]

Valer @BlogUp said...

Thanks for mentioning us in your great list!

PS: there's a misleading link behavior related to our entry; please consider reviewing it.

Best regards.

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