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Warm fuzzies all around - someone loves YOUR blog and wants to recognize you for it!Tightwad has seen these awards in the bloggasphere and wanted to compile a list of them as a blogging resource. I didn't add direct links... if you type the award in Google, it typically links to another blog and you can go from there. It's a fun way to recognize other bloggers that you like and have connected with. This list is far from conclusive - if you know of other blog awards, please let me know and I'll add them to this post.

The Trendy Treehouse award
The Versatile Blogger award
Sisterhood award
One Lovely Blog award
Best Blog award
Sunshine award
Your Blog is Fabulous award
Beautiful Blogger award
The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger award
Sweet Blog award
Rock Star Blogger award
Life is Good award
The Craftiest Crafter award
Honest Scrap award
Kreativ Blogger award
The Mouthy Housewives Seal of Approval award
Blogger's Choice award
Blogging That Hits The Mark award
The Royal Banana award
You Don't Say - Super Comments award
The Outstanding Blogger award
Happy 101 award
From Me to Your award
Prolific Blogger award
XXtraordinary Blogger award


Louise said...


You forgot The Outstanding Blogger Award - which I recently gave to you :) You can check it out on my blog here:

All the best!

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