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Tightwad top ten: ways to save when dining out

I know I know, but it’s so much fun! Hey, Tightwad likes to eat out as much as the next person but… Eating out can be anything from a really expensive treat to a really bad habit. Here are some ideas to consider the next time you look with longing into your fridge for dinner to magically appear.
10. Use a coupon book to get 2 for 1 deals or free appetizers.
9. Eat at establishments that offer frequent diner discounts. Ask for a card and get it punched every time you order.
8. Check out kid-friendly eateries that often offer free or value priced meals for kids.
7. Have your dinner at lunch; things are less pricey on lunch menus.
6. Consider having an appetizer or salad for your main meal.
5. Pay attention to specials – they are often value priced and made with seasonal ingredients.
4. Order in. Often if you pick it up at the restaurant there is a discount on the meal and you’ve avoided paying restaurant prices for your vino.
3. Get a doggie bag. That’s lunch for tomorrow!
2. Menu planning Monday! Get yourself organized and do a good grocery shop.
1. Share a meal. Cut down on calories and price, and you don’t have to leave feeling really really full and really broke. The hubs and I (well, specifically I) like to share a salad and then a main – if we can agree on what to order of course.


Anonymous said...

some friends in Toronto suggested a restaurant where we can meet for lunch next week. i surfed the net to get the right adress and disovered a $5 dollar off coupon at the restaurant's website. I also found that a number of restaurants also offer incentives to dine -and these are not just fast food place -uplands gent

Anonymous said...

coupons are great-as well as any discount. just remember to tip the 18-20% on the original total!

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