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Tightwad water saving tips: kitchen

More on the Tightwad water savings tips series. We’re talking kitchen related today. Here are some tips to consider (or not) if you want to start getting into the groovy, feel-good world of water conservation:
- Fix leaking faucets immediately. One hot water faucet leaking one drip per second will waste 9,000 litres (75 barrels) per year, the equivalent of 160 dishwasher cycles (!).
- Keep a jug of drinking water in the refrigerator instead of letting the tap run for cold water.
- When hand washing, rinse your dishes in a large bowl of water or rinse them after putting them in the drainer. Don't let the water keep running.
- Automatic dishwashers should be fully loaded for optimum water conservation.
- Not only do in-sink 'garburators' require lots of water to operate properly, they also add considerably to the volume of solids in a septic tank which can lead to maintenance problems.
- Start a compost pile or use an indoor kitchen composter as alternate methods of disposing food waste.


Kelley said...

Here's water conservation from an extremely rural perspective. LOL

I grew up on and still live on a ranch, and water conservation is a big issue. When you drill your own wells and maintain your own pipeline and plumbing, water is expensive as well as precious--especially in a high desert climate where during long seasons of drought wells can go dry. We also hauled our drinking/cooking water for a while, so waste was forbidden!

I was raised to fill a pan for rinse water, and to not leave the water running while brushing my teeth. My best friend's mom wouldn't let my friend leave the water running in the shower the whole time she showered, either. Get wet, turn off the water, soap and shampoo, rinse off, get out. No dawdling! LOL

We don't have a garbage disposal. I don't compost, but I know people who feed the vegetable scraps to their chickens. We don't have chickens, so we feed our scraps to the cattle in the pasture nearest our house. They like the little treat when they come up for their own drink of water. :)

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