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Tightwad top ten: saving pennies in the kitchen

Tightwad has lots of handy suggestions for ways to save money in your kitchen. Savings may be small, but can certainly add up.
10. Shop the bulk aisle - oatmeal, popcorn, spices, rice - lots to choose from
9. Find alternative ways to do your grocery errands - save gas; bike or walk
8. Bring your own bags to the grocery store and make sure you get a bag refund. Use those hundred+ plastic grocery bags under your sink for garbage bags
7. Adults need a portion sized of protein about the same as a deck of cards. If you are making a stew or curry, reduce the amount of chicken or beef and substitute some vegetable protein such as chickpeas or lentils
6. Get your fruit and veggies from farmer's markets - they are typically much less expensive than main stream grocery stores - and shop in season
5. Skip meat - have a vegetarian day
4. Make coffee at home and pack a lunch, maybe just treat yourself once a week to lunch out
3. Find favourite recipes in order to help stretch out leftovers
2. Grow your own herbs
1. Try to reduce portion sizes. If your stack of plates and bowls is anything like Tightwad's, the portion sizes are WAY TOO BIG and goes a long way to explaining how we go through so much food.


Shelagh said...

Popped in thanks to Lady Bloggers. Always happy to find a fellow Canadian online. Thanks for the top tips for saving pennies in the kitchen. It's always good to be reminded of some helpful tips!

Carissa Mason said...

With Spring Cleaning behind me and the dust swept from my eyes I realized just how much money I can be saving by doing these little things you suggested here. It's amazing how much money can be saved simply by turning off a light or unplugging the curling iron or mixer when you're done. Thanks for the post! Visiting from the LBS Tea Party! Holla!

Yenta Mary said...

All good suggestions! Sometimes people just need to be reminded of common sense, don't they? Found you through the Tea Party ... :)

pamlovesbooks said...

hi! visiting from Lady Blogger's tea party. i REALLY need to learn how to grow my own herbs. thanks for the tips!

TornadoTwos said...

Fabulous tips! Having 5 children, I'm always looking for ways to save pennies, ESPECIALLY in the kitchen! Thanks for visiting my blog.

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