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Sunday memes

What is a meme, anyway? Pronounced meem, according to the Meme Factory, 'A meme is an idea, or a particular way of thinking about what an idea is. A meme is a unit of mental information in the same way that a gene is a unit of biological information - a metaphor of an idea as a transposon, a pattern of thought as a virus, a knowledge structure as a chromosome. Memes compete to spread their information though a social population in the same ways genes compete to spread their information content through a biological population.' In other words, memes are basically infective ideas. Here's a list of fun Sunday blog memes. Check out Tightwad's week of daily memes for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and yes you guessed it, Saturday. If you have a meme and want to see it here, please let me know.
Raising My Boy Chick Raising Memories
Sunday Scrappin' Sunday Scrappin'
Slice of Life Slice of Life
Organize with Sandy Share My Recipe Sunday
The Blue Zoo Silly Sunday
Unknown Mami Sundays in My City
Finesse Your Nest Shop the House Sunday
Letters from Crazyville Mama's Dirty Laundry
Who Says 8 is Enough? Baby Picture Sunday
Women Who Do It All Follow Friends Sunday
Under the Table and Dreaming Sunday Showcase Party


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I would love mine in the list which you can find here…

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I would love if you could add my blog hop to the list:

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