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The one, the only...raspberry mint mojitos

Thinking about sipping these on our ‘happy hour patio’ is gonna get me through the lull of May and the wait for warmer weather. These babes are – forget it – you’re just going to have to make a pitcher of them yourself to see that you just haven’t really lived life yet until you’ve tried one. And it’s another good reason to have fresh mint on hand. Lots of it.
Ingredients (single serving): 1.5 oz amber rum, several fresh raspberries, 6-7 five fresh mint leaves (chopped), 4-5 oz soda water, crushed ice,1 tbsp fresh lime juice, a dash of white sugar (this is basically a health drink!). Okay so you have the stuff, now what? In a tall glass stir the lime juice with the sugar and mint to dissolve the sugar and ‘muddle’ the mint, stir in the raspberries and the rum, add crushed ice and top with soda. Garnish freely. Repair immediate to sun soaked area with comfortable chair and lots of free time.


Stephanie Appleton said...

Oh those sound wonderful! Love to have you share this over at Make it from Scratch today!

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