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My dreamy mother's day

The co-sleeping thing with your kids is something I’ve never understood. Last night I was unceremoniously woken from a deep slumber by little toddler boy. Little spud cried and cried, only quiet once in our bed. His sister, who cannot bear to be left out of anything, quickly joined us. That was the end of my sleep for the night, in between boy twin kicking me in the stomach and elbowing me in the eye and lil Sweetpea sucking her thumb with gusto. I knew bringing Spud into bed was a bad idea – you can often hear the kid doing a complete flip in his own bed. It’s like trying to sleep with a fidgeting bag of Mexican jumping beans. For Mother’s Day bring on a long and undisturbed sleep. And some flowers. And a nice dinner.


Veronica Lee said...

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.

Happy Mother's Day!

Elle said...

I do not have twins, (I am a twin) but I do not understand co-sleeping either. I like my bed with my husband, kid free please. LOL. We do have a King sized bed now so if one comes in with a bad dream, we let them sleep with us, but I do not encourage it. UGH. Go sleep in your own beds!

Elle said...

found you on blog frog by the way!

Anonymous said...

Barney, the famous Wheaton Terrier has taken to jumping in the bed before his breakfast. unlike toddlers, he goes fast asleep - and sometimes he is so quiet we don't know that he is in the bed. Wanna trade toddlers for barn?

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