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Mother's day 2011

I've got Mother's Day 2011 all sussed out at this point. Yep, a customized necklace is gonna hit it out of the ball park for me! I am IN LOVE with Lisa Leonard Designs. Now, can I actually wait the eleven or so months until then? Not so sure. Check out Jennifer Dixon and A Vintage Pearl for more gorgeous stuff.


Unknown said...

I love these. I saw something like this (vintage Pearl) the other day. Is this the same co?? I also, have added this to my wish list! :)

Visiting from The Lady bloggers Tea party.
(it looks like we both have apssion for saving money-be sure to check out my site for couponing tips!)

Unknown said...

oops-PAssion, that is. :)

Gigi said...

Hi! Stopping in from LBTP :) Will definitely be checking you out some more...always up for saving some pennies!!!!

Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

I am your newest follower, glad to meet you! I love to save money too!

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