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Last night's splurge

Hubs and I are chopping down wedding anniversary number four this week and we are away, without kids to celebrate. Last night we went out for dinner (well, you gotta eat, right?) and ended up at this cute little tapas place. We had amazing food... brushetta, hoisin pork lettuce bowls, grilled tiger prawns, and cremini mushrooms stuffed with ricotta and butternut squash. But, the best, the absolute best, was the tuna tartar. I've never had tuna tartar so I didn't know what to expect, but it was unbelievable. It was served with a stack of little black sesame garnished crispbreads placed on an small bed of guacamole. I am going to try to make this next week, based on the what the chef said when I hunted her down (well, gently prodded) for the recipe. You need fresh ahi tuna (the freshest), which you chop into maybe 4cm cubes and marinate in a tiny amount of soy sauce, sesame oil and orange juice. Anyone who has used sesame oil knows that you need only a tiny little bit becausen it's very potent. The guacamole was made with avocados, lime juice salt, pepper and..... secret ingredient.... honey! Just a little bit. Hopefully with a restrained hand and tinkering with the amount of ingredients I may just be able to duplicate it.


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Ok, my mouth is watering just reading this...

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