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When it's good to have gas

Gasoline prices at well over $1 a litre is plenty incentive for frugal gals to think about ways to save dough at the pump. Suppliers know they can charge what they want and have done since Hurricane Katrina sent gas prices soaring in 2005. People love finding ‘lower’ prices and most will dutifully drive an extra few blocks to save a fraction of a cent per litre. The reality is that even if you pumped 40 litres into your gas tank every week, a savings of half a cent a litre would net you enough to buy a large coffee — in about two months. Beside the obvious (read: finding reasons to leave your vehicle parked will save plenty of fuel...) here are tips to help you put off filling your tank:
- Slow down. This is probably the easiest way to save fuel.
- Anticipate stops so you avoid sudden braking.
- Use your AC sparingly.
- Keep tires properly inflated.
- Multitask. You’ve got to go pick up your kiddos from ballet or swimming practice. What else can you get done on this trip? Pick up groceries or … gas up? May as well get it all done in one go.
- Have your vehicle maintained with regular servicing to keep it operating at peak efficiency.
- Clean out that trunk and back cargo area. Extra weight decreases gas mileage.
- Gas weighs almost as much as water, consequently it burns more fuel to have a fuller tank.
- Drive as small, efficient and streamlined a vehicle as is practical. Bear in mind that bigger vehicles, bigger engines, four-wheel drive and lots of optional equipment add to a vehicle's weight and result in increased fuel consumption.
- Carpool
- On line shop
- Don’t idle in traffic
- Ride your bike. You won’t have frugal road rage on your way to the grocery store and you won’t have to worry about a parking spot either.


TMCPhoto said...

We got rid of our car last year after one too many mechanical problems (read: the front axel snapped off while driving in Downtown Vancouver) and switched to the Car Co-op. Membership is a one time fee, we have access to any number of new or newish fuel efficient vehicles, discounts for transit passes and it gives us a reason to really really look at the need to drive somewhere. In the last year we have used the care less than a dozen times and put our money towards more important things like being able to pay for groceries and make rent instead of filling the gas tank, paying insurance and fixing the wheel...

An excellent deal really

Anonymous said...

"Use your AC sparingly" I never use the AC, I just roll down my windows. I don't care how hot it is LOL.

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