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Used stuff is good stuff

In a city like Vancouver there are so many outlets for finding great used stuff. Being a town of universities with transient populations and lots of renters, people are constantly trading up or downsizing. Apart from trolling garage sales and thrift stores, there are a few other great options for picking up used items that may be just what you are looking for. In fact, you may be able to pick up items for free! Check the free listings on Craigslist, UsedVancouver and Habitat for Humanity. Other options… why not borrow things from friends who may have them stashed in their garage and are looking to free up some space? Hardware such as rakes and other garden tools, lawnmowers, extra lawn chairs - people forget that they have these things put away and with spring in full swing, now is the time to find them. Garden goodies are a perfect example of items that don't have to be new to be great.


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