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Trashing my cash - who knew?

Sure I return bottles and cans, but I tried something different today and went to a Return It depot. Guess what I found out? There is so much more we can be returning for dough. Um, duh! Plastic yogurt and laundry detergent containers, tin cans from last week's spaghetti efforts, your kid's tetra juice packs… this stuff just gets routinely and unceremoniously dumped in the blue box for pick up every Monday morning. I really should be stashing these things someplace and once I have a nice pile of goodies take it to the Return It for some pocket change. Another cool thing – you can specific a charity or non profit group and they’ll pass along your coins to a community group of your choice. File this under stuff I can't believe I didn't know before. This could mark the official start of my snowflake jar.


TMCPhoto said...

Not only that but reducing the amount we stuff into our blue box would be a great plus too

paisley penguin said...

Sweet! Yesterday I recycled four makeup containers and got a free face wash from rigins for my efforts. Origins does this every Earth Day and will take ANY brand packaging. They always recycle year round so go ahead and dump your old makeup packaging. Origins is all about the environment. I happen to like their products too!

Kelly said...

:( not where we live, but at least it goes to recycle (from my house at least) and not to the landfill, lol.

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