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Stop junk mail... with a dot

As usual today we dumped out several flyers – putting them directly into the recycling box. That seems a good thing to do, until you consider how much energy goes into the production and distribution of the brightly coloured, glossy mail, and the energy it takes to recycle. Quite a few Canadians feel this way, in fact, according to the Red Dot website, nearly 70% of us are not interested in mail of this type, and a quarter of us toss it without even a second glance. All it takes is a letter and a red dot. Beth Ringdahl, a Vancouver-based businesswoman, launched a campaign on her own dime to help people who want to cut down on junk mail and urge advertisers to re-allocate their advertising investments and current marketing strategies and transition into socially responsible and community-based initiatives. Choose to reduce paper waste by saying NO to Junk Mail through Canada Post’s eco-friendly Consumer Choice option. Sign up, help to spread the word and make this Red Dot Campaign a success!


paisley penguin said...

This is great. Do you know if there is a US version?

Contact: said...

If you go to the Red Dot website a US version is mentioned at the top. It's Forest Ethics.

Anonymous said...

Just dropped by from Tuesday Tag-along. Looking forward to following your blog.

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