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Nothing flakey about this

I came upon a cute little button on a frugal post that stated ‘the revolution has begun!” Interest piqued, some quick research revealed this cool (ha ha!) debt reduction/savings strategy. Specifically, make small changes that save you small amounts of money here and there (the snowflakes) and apply roll that (the snowball) into your financial goal, be it paying off debt, investing, or saving up for something, and the snowflakes will accumulate into something bigger. This idea was widely popularized by a blog on I Paid for This Twice Already in a post from 2007. I love this concept. It’s like the latte factor. You don’t realize how much you could be saving just getting a regular coffee. Or, ya know, making coffee at home. On line ways to earn a little extra is in the works…


Cate said...

I love snowflaking! So far this year I've put over $200 towards savings just from picking up coins from the ground, selling clutter on Craigslist, doing online surveys, etc. I haven't been expending any extra energy making money, but I love seeing it pile up in our savings account rather than being spent on random things.

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