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Grow your own

I love love love cooking dinner and stepping out onto my deck to lop off some fresh chives for potato salad, basil to top pizza, or thyme for roast chicken. Tightwads, forget about shelling out $4 (at a minimum) for fresh herbs at the supermarket! Invest in some thyme, mint, rosemary and chives and with any luck and some good overwintering conditions, you’ll have fresh herbs to chop away at any time of the year. No deck? You can still be a gourmet Tightwad; put cute little herb filled terra cotta pots on your kitchen window sill et voila.


Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

I've got tons of seeds started. Tomato, cukes, flowers, parsley, basil. .. can't wait till it's warm enough to put them all out in the garden!

Pam said...

We've got tomatoes and cucumbers out this year. My husband keeps talking about fresh herbs cause he's the great cook around here. I guess we better get on the bandwagon too. :)

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