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A good day

Today I moved closer to creating a solid week’s menu for my menu planning Monday, and our community has it’s ‘junk day’ pick up tomorrow so we put stuff out (two beat up cribs, a rocking chair, an old patio set, a bunch of wooden pallets and an old radio). I was pleased to see lots of it picked up by people trolling for treasures. The entire weekend was busy with cars going up and down the streets looking for just the right thing. I was thrilled to see someone take a couple of sides to a crib. When asked what he was doing with it he said he was repurposing it for doggie gates. How awesome is that? And we found a couple of tired looking wicker chairs from a neighbour. I got some spray paint and a couple of cushions, and pretty soon the hubs and I are going to live in style sitting on our deck at happy hour with some fruity cold concoctions on our fine looking reclaimed chairs. Photo to follow. Paint drying at the mo.


paisley penguin said...

Oh - wish our neighborhood had a junk day. That would be so cool! Especially since I saw a cool idea to make use of the end of a crib I totally want to try.

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