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Does this bug anyone else?

Sure it’s mundane, but… Every time I buy toilet paper I feel slightly ripped off. You never know if you’ve got a good deal or not. And there are so many damn decisions: double roll, softness factor, enviro, un-bleached, brand loyalty etc. I typically go with what’s on sale. Wish there was so de facto way of figuring out what’s the best deal. It’s probably some complicated formula of square meters divided by number of sheets x thickness and ply count. When you think about the amount of the stuff we go through, it would be nice to have some guidelines here people.


Christina said...

YES! I totally agree. It is so frustating to try to price compare. I usually just end up sticking to a couple of favorite brands and try to use the coupons. I wish there was a better way to do price comparisons!

Rachel said...

We only buy Costco brand toilet paper. My husband had to get used to the fact it is not as cushy as some of the name brands, but it is not bad by any means. You get a ridiculous amount of toilet paper for a low price. One package lasts us for months.

Simple Living Los Angeles said...

agreed...i always feel violated somehow while buying.

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