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Book leaves

Give more to your books than just sitting on a boring shelf year in year out - set them free, for free! Since 2001 people in over one hundred countries have been participating in this spin on traditional book clubs. Join Bookcrossing and be part librarian, part sleuth and part Tightwad treasure seeker. Apart from switching up your library, you can explore and contribute to book reviews on the site and follow a book as it travels by way of an online journal or the live Google book-tracking map. You can join forums to discuss your favourite books, authors and characters of any and all genres. There’s nothing to it. Tightwads can leave a book in a specified place for others to find. Look for books on park benches, in coffee shops, in a gym, by a tree… what happens next is up to fate. The whole world is a library. At this moment there have been well over 4,000 books released in the past three days that are at large in Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, the UK and USA. There is actually one listed as released in international airspace – so one would assume there will be a lucky reader up there in the skies sometime soon.


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