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What is frugal living?

Frugal living is an attitude and a habit, more than anything else. Your philosophy of frugal living may stem from your lean circumstances as a grad student, someone who is in between jobs, being a single parent, trying to do your best for the planet, or just a feeling that having tons of stuff sure seems to make life just more complicated. I like new things as much as the next person, but I seem to be really sensitive to having too much of something, or feeling that the thing I already have hasn’t lived its full life yet. There are, however, lots of things that I love to search out second hand. Our local thrift shop donates 100% of its profits to a regional hospice society; so you can’t help be feel warm fuzzies going into their shop to search out the little treasures that get left on its doorstep everyday by people who just can’t use them anymore. Some of my great finds: two tricycles, a doll’s crib, a dolly pram, stacks of duplo blocks and a little wagon… all for $15! Kids grow out of stuff so quickly – what’s the point in buying new toys? Another side benefit is that I don’t mind if the toys get damaged. I have also found terrific Christmas doodads which have found a home with me for many years to come and have become part of our annual traditions; little folksy reindeer candle holders and sweet little stars hanging on our door handles are now as welcome visages to us at Xmas as our rum ‘n’ eggnogs and morning eggs bennies.


Rachel said...

I also love going to thrift stores that benefit my favorite charities. We have one that gives all its proceeds to a local crisis pregnancy center. I also donate my unwanted items there. It makes me feel better getting rid of things knowing it is going to a good cause.

Practically Spent said...

Exactly! We also have a Hospice Thrift store that is staffed by volunteers....only 1 paid position. It's amazing. We donated all of my dad's things there, and I have spent lots of $ there too. Amazing what a can of spray paint can do, isn't it?

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