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No Name: what's the deal?

I had a roommate who used to work at a butter factory in the Prairies. He told me that they had two streams of butter: one packaged in a silver wrap and one packaged in a plain green wrap. Same size. Same butter. Different price. I have never looked at no name or generic brands the same way again. If you look at the ingredients at say, a can of garbanzo beans, a no name brand can and a brand name can have the same ingredients, listed in the same order, with the same nutritional table data. I always always always go for the no name brand, and look at that; I saved $.35! It’s been my experience that this little budget boosting piece of info can, in general, be universally applied to such household staples mid to high range quality coffees, diapers, frozen vegetables, peanut butter, ziploc type things, olive oil and toilet paper, just to name a few. Happy shopping fellow fruggies!


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