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Don't get taken to the cleaners!

Where to start? There are SO MANY WAYS TO SAVE MONEY in your daily life. It’s boring…NOT! Example: I just put on my laundry in the dryer. A roommate once shared with me that putting a small dry towel in with your load helps the clothes get drier faster. I don’t know how to prove this, but it’s certainly worth the effort. Your dryer, even a EnergyStar rated one, is one of the biggest suckers of energy in your house. Even in a family of six, I try to do laundry ever other day so that I maximize the size of my loads. I also recently discovered that it pays to strategize the timing of your laundry. Hydro rates are HALF the cost of what they are during peak times of the day. Save your laundry for late night suds and you’ll start to see the results on your bottom line. Why even use your dryer at all? Get yourself a $12 drying rack – or better yet a $1 drying rack from a thrift store! - set it up in a cozy part of the house and hang your stuff to dry. If you are partial to the not-so-crispy feeling shirts stick your just-about-totally-air-dried stuff in the dryer for a couple of minutes and you’re good to go.

Other laundry related money saving tips:

  • Don’t wash barely wore clothing or linens
  • Use no name detergent and buy in bulk; these products are just as good as the name brand ones
  • Keep an eye on how much detergent you are using; you could be damaging your washer if you are over pouring
  • Run your wash cycle on efficient or enviro mode and wash in cold water
  • Front loading appliances are more energy and water efficient and therefore generate cost savings in the long run
  • Use only half a dryer sheet at a time and for two loads; there seems to be no discernible difference in the results
  • Keep another eye out for detergent coupons and other money saving offers


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