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I will never buy this product again people

Time to get out your inner bitch and return something that sucks. Consider: do you have partially used products that didn’t live up to their promise? Example: today I returned some overnight diapers that did not last even four hours, never mind ‘overnight’. Scintillating stuff, right? Being woken up at 3am by babies with wet sleep sacks is not my idea of decent shut eye time. I returned this barely used product and got back $17 (they were on sale) and turned it around for some bulk rolled oatmeal (NOT the quick stuff), a bunch of bananas and some take home pizza. And I was happy. Very happy. Any self respecting store should stand by their products and if you aren’t happy, dig up that receipt and get your money’s worth on something that actually delivers.


Practically Spent said...

That's hilarious. And don't you hate it when your favorite diapers get CHANGED by the manufacturer? We just went through this.....with 2 different brands. Glad the diapering days are over now....fully potty trained ~ as soon as she decided that was the way to go.

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