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Tips: Keeping your car clean and ready to sell

he interior of your vehicle is just as important as the exterior of it. It's where you spend your time when you travel in your vehicle. That's why it's important to keep your interior as clean as possible.  Before you know it, clutter has accumulated in the inside of your car and you don't know what to do with it. Being proactive about cleaning the inside of your car is the only way to keep your interior looking great. It'll help you keep a calm mind about your vehicle and will set the tone in your mind about how the inside of your car should always look. Read on to find seven things you can do to keep the interior of your vehicle looking great.
Buy it clean Whether your car is used or new, it's important to pull it off of a lot clean when you buy it. You can count on beautifully clean cars at Bedford Ohio car dealerships. Your car will be perfect, inside and out. But to keep it that way, you will have to do some work.
Set a tone of cleanliness Keeping your car clean by setting a ton of cleanliness is a great way to make sure it stays clean. As long as your mind says your car is clean and needs to stay clean then it will direct you to keep it clean at all times. No longer will you think of your car as a trash bin. You'll find yourself cleaning up after your friends and yourself way more often when it comes to your vehicle.
Recycle your car trash Any trash you find in your vehicle should be recycled, if possible. If you're not sure what can be recycled and what can't be, it's important to do your research on it. Stretching the use of soft plastics by recycling can go a long way in saving the environment and helping the planet. Every bit of recycling that you can do to reduce the waste from your car will benefit the planet.
Keep a trash bag in your car You don't want to keep a big trash bag in your car, so just use a small one that you can use to collect your garbage. When you fill the trash bag up, you can empty it and start again. This way, if you do accumulate trash in your car, you can keep it in one place until it's time to get rid of it. It'll help you reduce clutter and also make you aware that it's time to get rid of your trash.
Put down floor mats Keeping the floor of your car clean is just as important as keeping the floor of  your house. You don't want to step into a car with dirty floor mats. Even if the rest of the vehicle is clean, the floor mats will make you feel like it's dirty. They will also protect your car from any possible stains and from mud, snow, and salt damage. All of these things can happen to the floor of your vehicle and rubber floor mats will do a great job of protecting it.
Put seat covers on your seats Putting seat covers over your seats will protect your seats from any dirt or damage that could occur. Besides your car's floor, your seats are the most used part of your vehicle so you don't want them to get dingy or dirty quickly. Taking precautions and covering them with seat covers is the best way to protect your seats. If you notice your seat covers are starting to get dingy, you can take them out, wash them, and put them back in.
Learn how to wash and detail your car According to The New York Times, there is a right way to go about washing and cleaning your car. Learning what this right way is will save you in the long run and keep your car cleaner than ever before. The interior of your car is just as important as the exterior when it comes to cleanliness.

Soft plastics: Stretch their use

Tomorrow is recycling day here at Tightwad's casa. The city is very good at picking up all the soft and hard plastics, metal and glass every Monday, also with compostables. Always pleased with the small amount of garbage compared to fairly large pile of recycling at her curb, Tightwad realized this week just how much (unavoidable) soft plastic she recycles. Bags from bulk popcorn, tortilla chips and coffee can, and should, be used in place of garbage liners. Reducing what we buy in terms of  packaging is of course, the first step in streamlining our consumption, but reusing what we do buy in terms of packaging should be the second step. 

There are a number of excellent sites for upcycling plastic bags if you are feeling crafty.  

Don't forget, Earth Day 2020 is this Wednesday. 💚

It's been a week! Portable solarium update

Postie props

Let's prop our mailboxes open for our posties to help keep them safe. Also, consider delaying collecting your mail for a bit, see this site (, one of many) for length of time that the virus lasts on different surfaces. 

Portable solarium

This is a nice way to recycle lettuce clam shell containers... seeds planted on April 9, photo taken same day. Stay tuned for a photo of lovely seedlings of heirloom tomatoes and spaghetti squash. Tightwad will take a photo to show a week's growth. This beauty has been following the sun around the house and loving it.

Tightwad quick tip: staying safe at the shops

Hi friends, Tightwad discovered a good way to avoid touching the key pads at the grocery store to protect herself and other shoppers during this pandemic. She grabbed a new plastic bag as she was browsing the veggie section and put it on her hand as a glove when she went through the till. She shopped with her own bags, but this would work well if you needed to use a grocery cart as well. Thoughts?