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Soft plastics: Stretch their use

Tomorrow is recycling day here at Tightwad's casa. The city is very good at picking up all the soft and hard plastics, metal and glass every Monday, also with compostables. Always pleased with the small amount of garbage compared to fairly large pile of recycling at her curb, Tightwad realized this week just how much (unavoidable) soft plastic she recycles. Bags from bulk popcorn, tortilla chips and coffee can, and should, be used in place of garbage liners. Reducing what we buy in terms of  packaging is of course, the first step in streamlining our consumption, but reusing what we do buy in terms of packaging should be the second step. 

There are a number of excellent sites for upcycling plastic bags if you are feeling crafty.  

Don't forget, Earth Day 2020 is this Wednesday. 💚

It's been a week! Portable solarium update

Postie props

Let's prop our mailboxes open for our posties to help keep them safe. Also, consider delaying collecting your mail for a bit, see this site (, one of many) for length of time that the virus lasts on different surfaces. 

Portable solarium

This is a nice way to recycle lettuce clam shell containers... seeds planted on April 9, photo taken same day. Stay tuned for a photo of lovely seedlings of heirloom tomatoes and spaghetti squash. Tightwad will take a photo to show a week's growth. This beauty has been following the sun around the house and loving it.

Tightwad quick tip: staying safe at the shops

Hi friends, Tightwad discovered a good way to avoid touching the key pads at the grocery store to protect herself and other shoppers during this pandemic. She grabbed a new plastic bag as she was browsing the veggie section and put it on her hand as a glove when she went through the till. She shopped with her own bags, but this would work well if you needed to use a grocery cart as well. Thoughts?

Bathroom avocado farm!

Tightwad just added a new feature to her bathroom! She's pretty excited to see how it develops. 

Some tips:
  • Use three toothpicks for scaffolding, at an angle into the pit
  • Use room temperature water for the jars so not to shock the pit
  • Place in a sunny spot... these beauties are in a warm room with a skylight.